The Dandrew Partners Distinction

Creating distinctive legacies structured
from shared experience.

The DNA of Dynasties

Family Offices With Aligned Objectives Create and Protect Multi-Generational Legacies

From the Venice Merchants of the 16th centuries to the present, prominent Family Offices have combined to create wealth for themselves and their nations.

By creating and implementing innovative commercial ideas and developing a network of global relationships, well-established Family Offices foster stable societies and burgeoning economies.

Based on trust, stewardship, discretion, and reciprocity, these prominent partnerships remain a driving force for economic growth in the 21st century.

Either you're forced to deal with sell-side brokers or you retreat and operate on your own island — not knowing what your more privileged peers are doing and often being forced into increasingly speculative liquid investments, such as equities, that are becoming more speculative by the day...

Today, the most successful families follow other larger sophisticated families, those playmakers, and do not try to do it on their own.

The Dandrew Partners Difference

We believe our Member Families deserve to be treated with the respect and consideration they have earned

Family offices, especially newer entrants who have had a liquidity event or an exit, are prey for investment sales professionals.

As an emerging family, they’ve often been siloed in their respective industries — this leaves them exposed to unnecessary risk, unsure who to trust.

Working with larger, more established families has traditionally been the way wealth creators and their heirs have protected their legacies.

At Dandrew Partners, we have more than forty years of collective experience guiding and advising Institutions, Endowments, single and multi-family private investment offices and family companies. Everyone in our firm reflects our culture, our value system, the organizations and institutions we work with, and implicitly, our investors.

Our Promise to You:

Aligned Interests

We invest our own capital alongside the Member Families we guide and allocate for. This means we have a direct alignment of interests. When our investors experience a loss, so do we; and when they win, we win too.

Explicit Fiduciary Duty

Innovation and creativity are essential, but it is our experience that drives results. Our fully integrated investment management platform is based on what we have learned by investing billions of dollars in private equity investments over multiple decades.

Trust Is Built Over Time

The bond of any relationship is trust and the integrity that supports it. We know that trust goes beyond trust with financial assets, but to use discretion when it’s most needed.

Experience Drives Results

We are regularly entrusted with assets in a fiduciary and
custodial capacity, and our communication with Member
Families about risk is always clear and concise. And we simply
don’t “do” unnecessary risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If The Timing Is Right?

The worst time to invest is when you feel as though you have to.

And that is the exact reason why many families got hurt in 2008 and in 2020.

They made the investments because they were forced to take risk right before the market crashed.

They felt pressured to invest for fear of missing out….this is human nature.  

And it’s especially felt by some newer, emerging families.

But remember this: there’s no perfect timing for anything.

None of our member families are thinking about today, or tomorrow. None of them.

They’re thinking at least 10 years or more down the line. They’re thinking about who they have to provide for.

The opportunities *our* Member Families get into today will change their lives AND the lives of those next generations.

Our Member Families play the long game here and understand how the cycles work.
It’s not timing you should be worried about.

Instead, newer emerging families should at least start preparing themselves by understanding what they are missing in world-class assets managed by best-in-class operators and entrepreneurs.

What Does Alignment of Interest Mean For Family Offices?

Based on my experience, many families today are getting abused by sell-side investment professionals such as broker dealers, commercial real estate brokers, and seminars that disguise themselves as a family office, but never allocate a dime.
There are a lot of enigmas, but very little quality.

In fact, these schemes look nothing like the old partnership structures that firms like Goldman Sachs and Carlyle enjoy because none of them have the investment buyside experience, acumen, or most importantly a network of other sophisticated investors and families to co-invest alongside of. These firms, Goldman, Lehman, Rothschild, all started as – you guessed it – a family office. They were built on partnership and trust and are stronger with time and experience.

Dandrew Partners is not a broker-dealer.

We invest our own capital into these opportunities alongside the Member Families we guide and allocate for. This means we have a direct alignment of interests with our investors.

In plain language, this means if our investors win, we win. If our investors lose, we get hurt, too.

We believe aligned capital leads to better decision-making and is best for our Member Families.

Who is Dandrew Partners?

For almost 20 years, Dandrew Partners has successfully managed wealth through the creation of multiple portfolios, with a particular focus on niche strategies.

We have successfully operated and managed a few distressed institutional real estate funds, several special situations, and currently, a remarkably high performing venture and income funds in an exceedingly difficult market.  

Ten years ago, we moved from Fifth Avenue and established a beachhead in Las Vegas  to formalize tax advantages for most of our larger member families, as well as leading the trend for other venerable firms such as Rothschild  to join us out here.

In 2014, we started making direct investments in private equity, into the same successful companies and venerable brands operated and managed by our world-class family offices.

And today, we’re one of the industry’s preeminent private investment offices and merchant banks, that manages several venture funds, bespoke fixed income alternative investment facilities, and separately managed accounts for our Member Families.

Not only have we withstood many economic cycles and calamities but we — and our Member Families — have prospered during those difficult times.

That’s because our due diligence process is intense, far reaching, and transparent. And we know when discretion, discernment, and discipline are required most.